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Ari Jason


Participating In Memory of My Grandmother, Loulou Jason Who Passed Dec 2022

Participating in The Get Into Geerz Two-Day Ride 2023

My Fundraising Goal: $5400. Raised: $1643

$1643 (30%)

Why I'm Participating

Im so grateful to share with you about an incredible cause supporting kids at risk. This March, I will be getting back on my bicycle since my accident last May, where I will join 100 other riders cycling across Israel in support of Geerz, a powerful non-profit organization who have, for 12 years transformed the lives of thousands of children at risk.

Each week, the Geerz team works tirelessly to help children who are struggling with social and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, anger management, family dysfunction, adolescent anxiety, and who turn to drugs, alcohol and smoking as a coping mechanism. Through their incredible work, Geerz teaches these kids the skills and techniques needed to overcome their challenges, providing a much-needed nature-based therapeutic, previously unavailable to them.

Im on a mission to raise $5,400, which will support 3 children for one year. Please join me to help support this cause, by clicking below, which will serve as a huge personal motivation for the future of these children who need our help.

Thank you