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// Cobi and Dad Mountain Biking

Total raised for Geerz since 2020: $36,953

2024 $9,558
2023 $7,174
2022 $10,041
2021 $6,400
2020 $3,780

Azi Cutter


Participating in The Get Into Geerz Two-Day Ride 2025

My Fundraising Goal: $3600

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Why I'm Participating

By now - you all know how I fell in love with mountain biking - and through riding formed a deeper connection with the Land of Israel. You may also know how much Geerz has impacted my son Cobi – helping him overcome his fears, and lack of self-confidence. He is now a flourishing, confident and proud Israeli young man! What you may not know is that since Oct 7th – in addition to continuously operating programs for over 400 kids - Geerz has opened six therapeutic mountain biking programs for 100 kids displaced from their homes who suffer from devastating PTSD. Geerz is also providing emotional and financial support to the Geerz families including counseling, toys, clothing, bikes, helmets, scooters, housing support and food. For these kids, Geerz is a real game changer. Geerz did not budget for these special wartime activities. They simply responded to ... More