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Total raised for Geerz since 2018: $27,342

2023 $5,294
2022 $5,267
2021 $3,931
2020 $3,600
2019 $1,843
2018 $3,807

Jay Bailey


Participating In Memory of Norm Adler, Who Turned Around Kids' Lives Too.

Participating in The Get Into Geerz Two-Day Ride 2024

My Fundraising Goal: $3600. Raised: $3600

$3600 (100%)

Why I'm Participating

I ride for exercise, for release, for solitude, to connect with nature. But that's all a "plus"...I don't need it to mend a troubled soul, build self-esteem, or escape from a frustrating day to day existence. For the Geerz kids, this isn't a hobby - it's a way to create confident, fulfilled, accomplished individuals who are a credit to their families and communities. Help me help Geerz!