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Total raised for Geerz since 2018: $18,791

2018 $3,600

Louis Kolom


Participating in The Get Into Geerz Two-Day Ride 2024

My Fundraising Goal: $18000. Raised: $15191

$15191 (84%)

Why I'm Participating

On April 7-9, I will be participating in the Geerz Charity mountain biking ride and would deeply appreciate your support.

Geerz operates a remarkably effective therapeutic mountain biking program for hundreds of kids across Israel who suffer from a wide array of social and psychological issues. These programs are offered free to many groups and individual participants.

In addition to their regular programming, Geerz has opened many special groups for kids displaced from their homes in order to enable them to cope with their devastatig PTSD. Now Geerz needs our help. Their programs serve hundreds of kids in desperate need of its innovative mountain biking therapy.

Please be my partner in supporting these efforts on behalf of the kids of Israel by generously sponsoring my ride campaign.

Many thanks for your kindness.

In appreciation, Louis