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Raphael Sebbag


Participating In honor of Refua Shelema for Miriam Rina Bas Devorah

Participating in The Get Into Geerz Two-Day Ride 2023

My Fundraising Goal: $3600. Raised: $1901

$1901 (53%)

Why I'm Participating

Dear Family and Friends,I have personally been involved with Geerz since we moved to Israel in mid-2019, with two sons benefiting from their weekly bike riding sessions for a couple of years and another son considering volunteering with them. I have set myself a goal and hopefully, with your help, I’ll be able to reach my goal to raise $5,200 AUD or 12,500nis to help a cause that I feel is a game changing program to help youth get off the couches, onto bike seats, out of the house and into nature with friends, seeing the beautiful trails Israel has to offer, learning to persevere and conquer challenges - literally life-changing stuff! I want a share a personal story. The day after the Meron tragedy in 2021 where 45 people lost their lives, the mother of a boy in my son's Geerz group reached out to see if anyone had a ... More